Friendly Female Wrestling Turns Hairpulling Titfight

Their competition starts out fun and playful to see who is the strongest...
armwrestling with Jo on the left, and Angie on the right.

Angie (on right) wins the friendly arm wrestling....

(left pict) Jo says, "You're strong alright, but my legs are stronger...Feel how hard this thigh is..."

"...and feel how hard the inside is"
(right pict)

Jo surprises Angie with a fun scissors:

"Hey!...You tricky Dick!", Angie exclaims playfully,
"...You're legs aren't so strong...I can get out of this!"

"Oh yea?"..., says Jo,
"See if you can...see if you can get up!"

With Jo's playful challenge made, Angie begins to nearly slip out of the scissors, but Jo playfully grabs Angie's hair to hold her in the wrestling vice...

...and suddenly a little friendly female wrestling
is in jepardy of becoming a hairpulling catfight
as Angie, like a cat pulling it's own tail
begins pulling her own hair to escape the wrestling hold...
while Jo hangs on and giggles

"Are you going to Pull HAIR?...or Wrestle!?" hollars Angie.

Jo laughingly replies,
"I DIDN'T pull your hair...YOU'RE pulling it yourSELF!....I told you my legs were strong! You just can't get up, can you?!"

Unable to get out of the scissors, Angie manages to apply a scissors too! Then Angie says,
"NOW do you want to wrestle?"
...and she squeezes until Jo says,
"Let Go!"

Angie replies, "YOU let go first!"
...and voila, we have a clear evolution into
Female Submission Wrestling

In frustration Angie slaps at Jo's butt, so Jo slaps back...
...until Angie scores a hard smack
on Jo's butt with a loud"WHAP"!!
(see next frame for Jo's reaction)...

Here Angie's hand is recoiling from the slap. After this stinging slap,
Jo vows
"As soon as I get up your gonna GET it!"

Angie replies,
"So bring it ON!! You want to WRESTLE?!....Just don't rip my dress bitch!"
(an expensive dress)

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