100% Real Girlfight Video:
"Fists of Thunder"

Pre-fight stare down begins from the 2 blondes respective corners (above)

Cathi Beban's manager pats her
confidently on the back as
the blondes prepare to
fight for real.

Their stare down intensifies
as they meet in center ring...
such is a 100% real girlfight!!

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The first milli-second of contact...
(see next milli-second in next frame)

Cathi (right) will follow this left blow up with an immediate right (next picture)....

....but Raylene narrowly avoids solid impact, as the ref observes the action...

Three Frame Punch
1. Beginning of head blow...
(continued next pict)

2. Follow through of head blow

3. Effect of blows: Stunned Raylene covers up
as concerned referee looks on.

...but Raylene just keeps slugging...

How often do you find women, let alone blondes, who can slug it out like this!?

Cathi stalks, as Raylene bravely waits in the corner....

Saved by the bell??

What would you be telling your fighter at a time like this?

Raylene's facial and head marks are testimony to how hard the slugging was in this fight (note the growing purple under her eye)... still she confidently smiles. Developing as a fighter is her love.
But who won the fight?... treat yourself to the video and see!
There are 2 other real women's matches on this 55 minute video...
including a new concept in serious Women's Tag Team Boxing...
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"Fists of Thunder"
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