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What is amazing is just how much both women's personalities seem to change as they actually come face to face. Both women, previously charming and flirtatious, now show no traces whatsoever of the little girl in them. Both suddenly exude self-reliance, and confidence in their mutual stare down.
"You must be Summer" says Susan dryly.
Summer (on right) replies equally dryly, "Yea."
The women silently stare at one another, sizing each other up. Each appears quite confident, even under this stare down, that she will prove the better woman. (100% real).

On her own volition, Susan unexpectedly ad libs saying, "That's my top you're wearing". Her tone of voice has an unmistakeable ring of menace to it, much like a high school accusation for the excuse of kicking someone's ass.
Summer, already expecting to fight, simply replies "So?", and continues staring back at her would-be accuser. To Summer, Susan's ad lib reveals Susan's true nature... ie, Susan probably had picked high school fights with this same distasteful accusation. Thus Summer stares back even more coldly, as she thinks to herself " But this is not high school Bitch, and no teachers will break up this fight. "

Susan, sensing an arousal out of shorter Summer, confidently continues, never breaking eye contact as she threatens, "So ya shouldn't fuckin steal"...
But rather than the usual denial from Susan's past victims, Summer defiantly replies, "What are you gonna do about it?", and continues staring coldly back.

Susan finally answers, "I'm gonna rip it off of you".
"Bitch!" thinks Summer.... ad lib or not, Summer wonders, how many innocent girls were truely falsely accused, then beaten by this Bitch. Summer begins to want nothing more than to kick this lying Bitches ass....

...."Ok, come on then" replies Summer in an abrupt curt voice.

Summer leaps off her bar stool as the women grapple, with Susan quickly ending up on the floor (next picture)....

As Susan looks up, Summer taunts down at her,
"So you want to FIGHT, Bitch!?"
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