lesbian catfight

Lesbian Cat Fight
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But rather than untying Vicci, Candy silently turns and walks away, stopping to primp her hair in the mirror. Thus the producer suggests "Lets take a break", as he walks over to release Vicci himself.
Candy, looking back in the mirror says, "How long a break?".
.......... "Long enough to change into something fresh" he replies...

Returning from break, as the ladies re-enter the room from opposite ends, the cameras again roll. Vicci looks remarkably calm.
except for some still visible whip marks, she does not reveal that she has revenge on her mind.

"Ladies, join hands and prepare to arm wrestle" announces the producer. As the ladies kneel  and join hands the producer surprises them, saying
"$100 dollars for the winner!"  

....and as he had hoped, the $100 surprise incentive sparks a more intense competition... A surprised Candy  immediately starts torquing on Vicci's arm...
...Hardly a fair start,
but catfight material he hopes it will be...




Caught off guard, Vicci says, "No Fair!"




...rather than demand a re-start, Vicci tries to make a come back....





...but as Vicci tires out, Candy drives her to the table with a thump.

Vicci protests "That wasn't fair, you had a jump start", and by not releasing Candy's thumb she tries to pull her back for a re-match.

Candy laughingly pulls her arm away and in a Pollyanna voice says, "You just have to be fast. We started at the same time."


Vicci smiles sarcastically, and in an obviously exaggerated sweet voice, says "No we didn't"
"Yes we did" replies Candy
"No we didn't" says Vicci.
"Yes we did" etc...
And so they go back and forth as it becomes obvious that the producer is not  intervening....
Smiling, Candy quips "Well you can fight about it if you want to, but...."


Vicci interrupts, "Actually, I DO want to fight about it", as she stands to point her finger, her whip marks still tingling... but Candy keeps smiling, thus angering Vicci who   continues, "..or are you only tough when I'm tied up?"


With Vicci hovering so close over her, Candy does not immediately stand up. Instead she laughs out loud.
Vicci is a little taken back by her failure to get Candy to take her more seriously. She wonders if Candy is really that confident, or if she's just trying to laugh her way out of it.


With her hand gingerly pushing Vicci back at arm's length,  Candy gets off her knees and begins to stand, still smiling that same smile...


As Candy faces off with Vicci, it becomes clear to Vicci that Candy still does not expect this to be a real fight... either that, or Candy is confident that she can just laugh it off... Vicci doesn't know which.


"This isn't a game, Bitch." says Vicci.
"Well go ahead then" replies Candy.


To Vicci's dismay, even this shove on Candy's tit does not wipe the smile off of her face.

Referring to that breast shove, Candy replies replies arrogantly to her former lesbian lover, "That felt good, honey."
Vicci grows angrier....
"This isn't a game Bitch!"


This time, Vicci shoves her hand hard into Candy's breast, shoving it up and back....


As Candy is shoved back by her breast, she simultaneously throws her first slap, striking Vicci on her ribs.

This right hand slap by Candy is blocked...


....which she follows up with a left hand grab to Vicci's hair...

It's hard to see here, but Candy is already tearing at Vicci's bra (as well as her hair)...

....and round and round they go!

Vicci spins suddenly...


...and drives Candy to the floor.


With Vicci atop her, Candy
wraps her right arm around Vicci to wrestle her downwards...
but...(next pict)


...Vicci shoves her down further by her hair.

Remembering the whipping session, Vicci shows no quarter. She tries her best to rip Candy's hair out, as Candy screams out, " BITCH! "


As Candy struggles to get back up, Vicci stuggles to secure an arm lock.


.....but Candy narrowly avoids the hold, then wrestles Vicci to the mat, now grabbing Vicci's hair in a payback effort of her own...

Both women have now established that they will pull hair, and we've got a catfight!


Candy yanks Vicci's head brutally back to lurch atop her while holding Vicci's  right  arm down.


Pinning Vicci down, Candy screams for the first time, "So you really want to fight me, BITCH?!?"

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