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The following video has been censored... in fact destroyed
and is no longer available....
...mainly because of the bondage scene....
You see, once Vicci was tied up for the bondage shoot,
Candy got carried away (for 100% real) and whipped
the shit out of Vicci, first with a whip, and
then with a DILDO... the producer, being notorious for
poor realism in his videos, was under pressure to have
better action and thus let the beating continue (the video has
since been destroyed as aforementioned)

After Vicci was finally untied,  she got her revenge
during the subsequent catfight filming (which would have
otherwise been as phony as most of this producer's catfights)
Now that you know that the action
WILL become real
let's start from the beginning with the original
"Lesbian Aggression"

lesbiansVicci (on left) has recently been proposed to by her boyfriend and is soon to be married. She has just announced the engagement to Candy (on right) who has been her lesbian lover since they were teenagers. Candy responds to Vicci's marriage announcement by saying, "Well... I guess I can kiss the bride"







cat fightVicci (on left) is happy that she is engaged (i.e., soon to be married). However, Candy (on right) is probably not quite as happy about it (although she pretends to be) because it probably means the end of her relationship with her lustful playmate.







lesbiansVicci (on left) didn't plan on such a heated celebration of her wedding announcement... but obviously Candy has her own idea of a bachelorette celebration as her kissing quickly intensifies...

- Lesbian Catfight -








lesbian cat fight"So what's he like?" whispers Candy (on right) softly in Vicci's ear.








hot lesbians fight...Vicci stops kissing back and gently pushes Candy away, saying "He's very kind... and understanding. He's a very good guy..."

Candy interrupts teasingly saying, "How big is his dick?" as she sticks out her tits as if to compete....







lesbian cat fight"It gets big" replies Vicci blushingly, "but he really is a nice guy. He's just too good to be true."

"Well this calls for a celebration..." replies Candy, as she picks up the Champagne, "...except for one little problem"

"What's that?" asks Vicci.







Candy answers, "You say he's a really nice guy... BUT you've always liked it pretty rough."

Vicci smiles, "No, not really. Not REAL rough."

Candy replies seriously, "No, girl. I think you like it pretty rough..."
Vicci quickly tries to change the subject away from sex saying, "Well how about you Candy? How is that guy you met doing? George?"

"Pretty good," replies Candy, "He's got a new thing now."

"A new thing?" replies Vicci.

"Yea," says Candy," I've been tying him up."

exclaims Vicci, "I've never gotten into that"

"Really?" retorts Candy, "I'm surprised... as much as you like it rough? Somebody should tie you up...."


...and having said that, Candy takes a long swig of Champagne. Again Vicci changes the subject off of sex to say, "Hey... save some for me!"








After passing the bottle to Vicci, Candy says half teasingly," You're such a slut. You always would do almost anything for Champagne."








As Vicci closes her eyes to savor her long swig, Candy quickly peels her own top off.








Upon seeing that Candy's top is off, Vicci sets down the champagne bottle and says sternly,
"What are you doing?"

Candy replies, "What we've always done." and tugs at Vicci's top.

(Don't worry... these gals will be in a serious catfight before it's over!)

"These lesbians are hot and getting ready to fight!"








Vicci objects," It's not the same now Vicci. I'm engaged now."

"Oh come ON now" replies Candy incorrigibly, "it's not like you're going to get pregnant! Besides, this will just be our last little bachelorette party. Just you and me" and she tugs upward on Vicci's top...

"Stop it" demands Vicci...








In spite of Vicci's objections, her top now rests high above her tits. Vicci meanwhile just sits motionless, and silently before Candy. Candy finally says, "What's wrong honey? You want mama to make you do it again? Just like we used to?" as she reaches for Vicci's breast...







"OK, then take it off!" demands Candy, threateningly
grasping Vicci's nipple...








Squeezing Vicci's sensitive nipple harder, Candy repeats, "I said take it OFF!"

"No" says Vicci quietly...







This time Candy twists and yanks at the same time, demanding loudly, "I said take it OFF!!"

"Ow! OW! OW! OK! .... Ok!" cries Vicci, as she quickly removes her top to end the nipple twisting.








"That's better" says Candy," you love it when I make you, don't you..."







"...DON'T you!" repeats Candy as she menacingly jerks Vicci's head sideways by her hair. Remarkably, Vicci does appear to enjoy the rough treatment.








With one hand firmly planted in Vicci's hair, Candy seems to be restraining herself from biting Vicci's ear harder.








Evidently Candy was right about Vicci loving a little rough treatment, as Vicci swoons with Candy's dominant hold and increasing bites.
(What would Vicci's new fiance think!?)








As Candy begins to attempt tying Vicci up, Vicci laughs saying "No way!"
Candy replies "Just trust me. This may be our last rendezvous, and it should be special!"

Vicci laughs nervously, "I don't know... I don't know what..."

Candy interrupts, "You 'don't know what?....








....Candy continues her interruption, "You don't know what? You don't know what your fiancé will think!?" as she painfully presses on Vicci's pinned arms... then answering her own question, Candy continues,"He'll love being forced just as much as you do." 








"I DON'T like it. REALLY. I don't like it!! Stop!" states Vicci.

Candy retorts,"That doesn't matter...
I like it!", and continues torquing Vicci's arms.
(Note: This is Vicci's first clue that this video shoot may become intensely real... and also that Candy DOES like dishing it out...)

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