One of Our Real Catfights
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RRemember the gals in the  long pre-fight interview at the beginning of this complimentary tour? Well we bet your thought we didn't have anything to back that up with, huh? (Just like all the other over-hyped phonies on the web).... well, not so. Since you've made it this far without giving up, lets join "Catfighting Wives" already underway below....

Alexis, (not in this picture) has already had her top ripped off, and now has been knocked down on the floor by the gal here to your left (with red top still on). Thus, at the moment, Alexis is a bit reluctant to jump back up. Her red rival, however, clearly wants a bigger piece of her ass as she hisses at Alexis, "Get up and fight me, Bitch!"









She then  stoops down  to lift Alexis up by her hair... at the same time we see angry determination setting  in on Alexis's face, in spite of the prior knock down.
This is real stuff folks. We won't tell you something is real if it isn't.








This is happening faster than it looks in the stills.... as Alexis is lifted up by her hair, she flails with her right arm in an effort  to grab her assailants hair in turn..... but (next pict),








 ...but her assailant suddenly jerks Alexis the rest of the way up by her hair, thus holding her  head brutally  in such a position as to make it hard for Alexis to grab back.... Alexis angrily screams, "BITCH!" 

Can't keep a good woman down forever though, and soon Alexis has taken hold of her rival's  hair as they go violently around the room grunting and cursing. (there's something erotic about a woman catfighting in her bra)

Incidentally, it is also 100% true that the husbands (off camera) are present in this room to watch their "Catfighting Wives".
You're on the Girlfight.NET Tour....

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