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Yes, this below catfight is quite real as well. When these gals started they both were fully clothed!  You'll see no phoniness in this catfight.... oh, there were moments where the gals backed off.... but below are some moments when they really tore into each other! These gals actually don't like each other.

As you can see, Scarlot (the gal furthest left) has already had her tits slapped around and her bra ripped off.. Right here she is vowing for revenge as Jasmine (red bra still on)  looks suddenly concerned and is somewhat backing away.












Scarlot rockets this titty blow in so fast that it knocks Jasmine's tit loose from her bra.... you can see Jasmine has her right arm on Scarlot's chest trying to keep her back, while Jas's left arm is blurred in it's too late effort to block the incoming tit smack.










Scarlot literally swings a "right, left, right,etc" combination of titty slaps... some are blocked, and some land hard.
Jas mostly covers up until Scarlot's angry energy surge of tit slapping is expended... then (next pict),








JJasmine, with one tit now hanging out of her bra from the tit slapping session, tears into Scarlot's hair viciously enough that you can bet hair will be coming out for several days in Scarlot's brush...  Hair pulling like this leads to inevitable surrender....
...or escalation! (next pict)









Feeling her hair ripping at it's roots, Scarlot screams, "Bitch!" and tears in turn with more fury back into Jasmine... (there is probably some tit grabbing going on here that we can't see)...   

We'll put another page up of this real catfight  soon...
but for now, lets see some other real catfight pictures....

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