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Girlfights-boxing to catfighting
You are on the Girlfight.
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Are you sick and tired of phony claims of "real this" and "real that"? Well we are too... so we decided to do something about it... welcome to our first co-sponsored catfight... and this one is real!
Rest assured that the interviews you are about to see are real and accurate, filmed live... these are the real questions and answers asked just moments before the fight, and real pictures of their responses at the time of the questions. Even as the women are interviewed they have not yet met, nor ever seen each other... all they know is that their opponent is approximately the same size as themselves. Both women have been in several real girlfights before, yet neither has ever been paid, until now. Their husbands are not on the screen but are present to watch their wives fight one another. The following pictures are taken from the live film footage. This is all true and real.

girl cat fights, female cat fights, catfight videos, nude cat fightsAlexis arrives at the producer's house by pre-paid cab. The door to his house is slightly ajar as she appears in the entry way saying, "Hello? Is this the right place??"



silhouette of female fight contestant"Come on in... this is it"
says the producer host, his camera running. "We'd like to just start off with a little interview first. Come on in and have a seat."



pre-girlfight interviewBut Alexis is silent as she comes in to be seated. She seems strangely quiet and soft to be coming to fight... much less a paid girlfight.



catfight questionAfter quietly taking her seat she just looks at the camera. The camera man moves closer, but still she just stares silently back. "So!" he says rhetorically, trying to get the interview rolling, "So you're here for a catfight today!?"



girlfight acknowledgementIn what seems incongruous with her soft quiet appearance, she says loudly back "Yes, that's right! I'm here for a catfight today." There is a hint of sarcasm in her over enthusiastic tone.




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