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girl cat fights, female cat fights, catfight videos, nude cat fightsThe host asks, "So why do you do it?"

"Because my husband loves it. And I love my husband... " answers Alexis.







real confession She seems to think of him for a moment as she then smiles, saying "It makes him so happy... and it makes me happy to make him happy."







InterviewThe host asks," How about yourself? What do you think about during a fight?"

Alexis replies, "I'm so busy thinking about what I'm going to do, or get out of in a fight that, well, the action consumes your whole focus... "

Hearing a car pull up outside, the host quickly finishes up saying, "Well thanks Alexis. How about if we send you into the next room until Sally gets here?"
says Alexis as she gets up.







female fighter entering waiting areaAs Alexis enters the hallway the host hollers, "Just make yourself at home in the south waiting room, that's to your left. Sally will be in the North room. We'll come get you after her interview."








Holly arrives for her girlfight"Hello!" says Sally as she walks in the open front door.

The host replies, "Come on in..."





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