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nude catfights, female cat fights, catfight videos, nude cat fights...he continues, "Don't be shy. Come on into the light for a close up. You've got fans who are dying to get a good view of you."








Closeup of Holly.Host:" This is Sally.
Sally, why don't you come on in and have a seat."









girlfight interviewHost continues: "...I'd like to ask you a couple of questions...
But first we should let the viewers know that, although you've had girlfights before, this will be your first time to be paid. Your turning pro, so to speak...."








sexy smile responseThe host continues, "Why do you do it? What started you girlfighting?... before today's money."
In response to the question Sally seems to relax and smile knowingly...









Holly explains why she loves to catfightSally replies," I love the feeling of overpowering another woman... of being in control."









Husband loves itHost:" We understand that your husband has also flown in for this match. Does it bother you that he'll be watching?"









Both love a real girlfight"Not at all" says Sally, "He loves it. In fact, part of the thrill for me is knowing that he's watching me kick another woman's ass"









Serious about not losingHost:" What if you lose?"

Sally stops smiling and replies seriously, "I'm not going to lose"









Calm in spite upcoming real catfight"Great!" replies the host, "...I'm sure we're as anxious to see this as your husband is." Sally smiles at that as the host continues, "So why don't you go into the next room, that's the North room on the right of the hall, and we'll send Alexis in."










Confident in spite of approaching girlfightAll Sally knows about the unknown woman she is about to fight is that she is approximately her same size and weight.... yet Sally struts confidently towards the girlfight.




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