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 female cat fights, real boxingSally watches the door, waiting to see her opponent for the first time.







The door slams!
"Hi Bitch!" says Alexis as she makes her entry.







"...are you here for a catfight?" continues Alexis.







"Yes," answers Sally. Sally then looks disapprovingly at Alexis's smaller breasts and insults Alexis's femininity by adding, "But I didn't know I was fighting my brother",







The sexual insult, especially in front of her husband, causes Alexis to shut her eyes and grit her teethe in sudden anger. She then opens her eyes and verbally strikes back with...






"Well I didn't know I was fighting a... (next pict)














"And you're supposed to be married?" continues Alexis, inferring further that Sally is a slut by the way she is made up and dressed (women are more aware of these tactics than men)







"That's right" replies Sally,"...I'm here to show my husband who the better woman is"








Alexis replies,"Well my husband KNOWS who the better woman is... he's the ONLY one I have to impress" again implying that Sally is trying to entice more men than just her own husband.








Sally is understandably pissed about the "slut" allegations, for after all, her husband is present. She takes off her purse to get down to business while Alexis continues about "who's the better woman".







With regards to the "who's the better woman" comments, Sally reaches for cash money and says, "Care to put a little wager on that?"

Alexis replies emphatically,"FINE!"




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